New in the Red Ponit offer!!!

A new range of IAA active manuka honey repair treatments is entering the virtual store.

CicaManuka has been working hand in hand with New Zealand beekeepers for more than 10 years, building a solid partnership that makes it possible to offer an exceptional active ingredient: authentic Manuka honey from New Zealand, with scientifically measured IAA * activity.

Composed of active ingredients 100% of natural origin and favoring organic ingredients as much as possible, the high-performance formulas are designed and manufactured for the most part under the Provençal sun in the south of France. France is recognized worldwide for the quality of its know-how in the cosmetics sector. More than a Made in France brand, CicaManuka is a Made in Provence brand that manufactures and packages the majority of its cosmetic products near the pretty sunny city of Aix en Provence.

Luxury products at affordable prices.

  • Developed for the whole family±
  • Approved and validated through clinical trials
  • Dermatologically and odontologically tested
  • Composed from 100% ingredients of natural origin and certified by a recognized independent body.
  • Manufactured and packaged in France.
  • Packaging from responsible sources and FSC certified.

See the full range of CicaManuka available in the Red Point virtual store.

* The IAA index corresponds to the exceptional concentration of methylglyoxal (MGO) which confers an antibacterial action and promotes the repair of the superficial layers of the skin.
± from 3 years old for care and 7 years old for toothpaste
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