Collection: Flower essences - Bach Flowers - Pranarôm

Harmonize the psychic and energetic balance to overcome excessive emotional states. Help to find a new emotional balance.

Dilution of 1/240 according to the original method of Doctor Bach

Doctor Bach grouped the 38 flowers he discovered, which correspond to an emotional state, into 7 headings. Discover more in detail:

Fears and insecurities:

Rock rose N°26 , mimule N°20 , prunus N°6 , aspen N°2 , red chestnut N°25

Doubts and uncertainties:

plumbago N°5 , scleranthe N°28 , gentian N°12 , gorse N°13 , hornbeam N°17 , wild oats N°36

Lack of interest:

clematis N°9 , honeysuckle N°16 , rosehip N°37 , olive tree N°23 , white chestnut N°35 , chestnut bud N°7 , mustard N°21


water violet N°34 , impatiens N°18 , heather N°14

Vulnerability and emotionality:

agrimony N°1 , cornflower N °4 , walnut N°33 , holly N°15

Sadness and depression:

larch N °19 , pine N°24 , elm N°11 , chestnut N°30 , star of Bethlehem N°29 , willow N°38 , oak N°22 , wild apple tree N°10

Difficult relationship:

chicory N °8 , verbena N°31 , vine N°32 , beech N°3 , rock water N°27