Les voies d'utilisation des huiles essentielles - LA DIFFUSION

Ways of using essential oils - LA DIFFUSION

Essential oils can be used in different ways: cutaneous application, diffusion and olfactory route or orally.

Today, we are only going to talk about diffusion, which is the most common way to benefit from the properties of essential oils directly in our atmosphere. Whether by a diffuser with sticks of reeds, on a ceramic disc, in an ultrasonic diffuser (with water) or dry, this technique allows atmospheric diffusion offers the possibility of creating your universe, the atmosphere through play fragrances.

With this method, we can either: purify the air and make it bacteriologically cleaner to breathe in the event of a period of contagion, or cover or mask unpleasant odors to improve our comfort of life, or to act on concentration, arousal, attention and more.

Formulate your own blends for diffusion according to your mood and your desires. You can use mixtures already prepared for a better dosage and having treatment targets.


  • Depending on the desired olfactory intensity, pour up to 15 drops of essential oils into the reservoir of your diffuser.
  • Diffuse for 10-15 minutes per hour. Do not saturate the room where you are.
  • Do not broadcast in a child's room in his presence.
  • Some essential oils are not suitable for diffusion, are contraindicated, unpleasant in diffusion, irritating or neurotoxic.


Air purification:

10 drops in total in your diffuser and leave it on for a few minutes.

To see the complete collection of essential oils available visit the essential oils or essential oil blends section.

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