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Vegetable oils and macerates

A vegetable oil is most of the time obtained by first cold pressing of a nut, a fruit or an oilseed. This oil is therefore comparable to a lipid "juice".

There are, however, many plants which cannot produce oil by pressing, and yet whose beneficial action for health is expressed in oils. We then speak of oily macerate or maceration oil.

Maceration oils are obtained by a fairly simple process that has existed since the dawn of time. A plant is first chosen for its active principles. This plant may or may not be organically grown. The chosen part of the plant (flowers, seeds, totum) is left to macerate in “base” vegetable oil such as sunflower. This maceration often lasts several weeks. The preparation is then filtered and a vegetable oil is obtained enriched with the active ingredients contained in the plant: the oily macerate.

Oily macerates can be used like any vegetable oil, but it is good to know how to recognize them.

For example:

It is often advisable to dilute essential oils in vegetable oils to obtain effective aromatic synergies.

Note that for cosmetic distillation, 1 to 3% of essential oils are diluted in vegetable oil. For an action on health, we can often go up to dilutions of 20 to 80% of essential oils in vegetable oil, depending on the dermocausticity or the toxicity of the essential oils chosen.

Pranarōm offers a range of 18 vegetable oils of virgin quality or certified organic:

  • First cold pressed or macerated oils.
  • Source of Omega 3, 6 and 9 essential fatty acids.
  • Ideal base for all your personalized cosmetic treatments.
  • Vegetable oil ideal for essential oils.
  • Prevents moisture from evaporating from the skin.
  • Provides skin with EFAs and vitamins.

Vegetable oils prove to be remarkable partners in the care of dry, devitalized skin, wrinkles, sensitive skin, skin altered by the sun, chapped hands. They are also perfect for the care of young children and infants.

Main vegetable oils recommended for beauty care: Sweet Almond , Argan , Borage , Calendula , Wheat Germ , Jojoba , Macadamia , St. John's Wort , Apricot Kernels , Rosehip .

Main vegetable oils recommended for hair care: Sweet almond , Argan , Jojoba , Musk rose , Evening primrose , Apricot kernels , Calophylle , Black cumin (Nigella) .

To see a little more clearly and know what they are used for, look at our checklist .

All you have to do is see which oil would be the most suitable for you. Good research and follow us on our social networks for more information.

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