Checklist - Colored clays

Checklist - Colored clays

Pile of Argiletz white clay

Green, red, pink, yellow, white or ghassoul clay, let yourself be seduced…

Intended to sublimate beauty, Argiletz colored clays offer an astonishing softness to deeply cleanse all skin types, whatever their nature.


Logo for Argiletz brand green clay

Green clay

For normal to oily skin.

Used regularly, it has a wonderful rebalancing effect, absorbs excess sebum.

Logo for Argiletz brand white clay

White clay

For dull skin.

Totally neutral, white clay respects all skin types.

Logo for Argiletz brand red clay

red clay

For dry skin.

A natural source of minerals, it takes care of dry skin. His secret? Its richness in ferric oxides which illuminate the skin and illuminate it.

Argiletz brand pink clay logo

pink clay

For sensitive and reactive skin.

This subtle blend of two ultra-soft clays takes care of sensitive and reactive skin. Pink clay respects the PH of the epidermis.

Argiletz brand yellow clay logo

yellow clay

For combination skin.

Purifies all skin types and gives combination skin a texture as soft as a caress.

Argiletz brand ghassoul clay logo

Ghassoul clay

For all skin types.

Also called Rhassoul, it purifies all skins and offers a grain as soft as a caress.

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