The story of the birth of Red Point

Following a motorcycle accident that prevented the RED POINT founder from walking for a while, he had to think about changing careers. He was proactive and at the beginning of 2017 a madness took hold of him and he decided to enroll in school. Hey yes, he was accepted and he started a DEC in leather goods at the CÉGEP du Vieux-Montréal option crafts in August 2017. Leather goods are the manufacture of fashion accessories in leather such as bags, belts, wallets and more. Being a great passionate about life and wanting to offer quality products, natural products and essential oils are an integral part of the Red Point family.

His goal would be to make the Montreal, Quebec and even Canadian scene shine all around the world with his touch of madness. He is what we call a jack of all trades, not to say a passionate epicurean, so he likes to play with the material and pair it with others such as feathers, sequins, special shapes and much more.

The name RED POINT is in honor of a great lady who was important in his life. She was the only grandmother he knew. Gram-ma was his nickname. She was a good living prankster with a great artistic sense. She was young at heart, not to say "flyée" and she even had ladybugs tattooed at the age of 85, hence the representation of this one with a red dot.

So the square brackets represent the standards that are imposed on us, the "R" represents the founder who sometimes comes out of the box and the red dot his grandmother.

A muse guiding him from up there now.

We hope you will travel through his universe through our creations for men and women.

You have a special request, a repair or simply suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us.

By the way, don't worry, because with a lot of physiotherapy, occupational therapy and kinesiotherapy, Martin recovered and regained all his mobility.

Red Point Timeline