Tools - Help table for the dosage of synergies of essential oils

photo of the table for the dosage aid for the synergies of essential oils to help you with your DIY recipes that can be found in the Red Point blog
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For cutaneous use, the dilution of essential oils in a vegetable oil will vary according to the use and the targeted organ. It is traditionally accepted to use the following dilutions:

  • 1% essential oil: Cosmetic action (skin care)
  • 3% essential oil: Restorative action of the skin (stretch marks, …)
  • 5% essential oil: Action on the nervous system (stress, anxiety, sleep)
  • 7% essential oil: Circulatory action (heavy legs)
  • 10% essential oil: Action on muscles and joints dilution for irritating essential oils (Chinese cinnamon)
  • 15% essential oil: Action sport and competition
  • 20% essential oil: Dilution for dermocaustic essential oils (sweet orange, common oregano, wintergreen, …)
  • 30% essential oil: Very powerful local action
  • From 50% to 100% essential oil: Therapeutic action (time-limited use)
The 4 rules of formulation:
  • Identify the therapeutic properties sought (what is my need?)
  • Select essential oils recognized for the desired effects (which essential oils to select?)
  • Choose a synergistic vegetable oil
  • Determine the concentration needed to optimize the desired effect

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