Checklist - Vegetable oils

Checklist - Vegetable oils

A vegetable oil is most of the time obtained by first cold pressing of a nut, a fruit or an oilseed. This oil is therefore comparable to a lipid "juice".

There are, however, many plants which cannot produce oil by pressing, and yet whose beneficial action for health is expressed in oils. We then speak of oily macerate or maceration oil.

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So that you can find yourself a little among the range of vegetable oils offered in the virtual store of Red Point, here is a checklist of vegetable oils and their properties / uses:

  • Sweet Almond – Regenerates damaged skin cells, for use on dry, acne-prone or sensitive skin
  • Argan – Restores and repairs the skin without clogging pores, it is smooth, silky and absorbs quickly
  • Sea Buckthorn – Reduces redness and regenerates skin cells, slows signs of aging
  • Arnica – Helps reduce swelling, relieve pain and bruising
  • Borage – Nourishes, protects and hydrates the skin, great source of AGEs
  • Calendula – Helps reduce redness, bruising, soothes irritated skin, itching and dryness
  • Calophylle – Regenerating and emollient, it is ideal for delicate skin
  • Camellia – Smooths and firms skin, diminishes signs of aging, treats acne and wrinkles
  • Carrot – Improves the elasticity, tone and general appearance of your skin
  • Hemp – Amazing moisturizing and softening properties, use for dry and itchy skin
  • Black Cumin – Full of antioxidants, excellent for regenerating the skin, can also be used on the hair
  • Wheat germ – Excellent choice for wound healing and scar reduction, rich in vitamin E
  • Pomegranate – Restores pH balance of skin, smoothes fine lines and wrinkles
  • Jojoba – Mimics our own sebum, excellent for acne
  • Macadamia – Nourishes and protects skin from free radical damage, keeps skin soft
  • St. John's Wort – Ideal for treating sunburn, burns, neuralgia or rheumatic pain
  • Apricot Kernel – Beneficial for acne-prone skin, non-irritating and soothing
  • Evening Primrose – Promotes elasticity, reduces inflammation. Thick and heavy oil
  • Castor – HV effective against acne helps increase skin renewal. Very thick and sticky oil
  • Rosehip – Helps reverse signs of aging, stretch marks, sun damage and scars
  • Neutral moisturizing milk – Designed for the whole family and for all skin types
  • Shea Butter – Excellent protective properties for skin and hair
  • Neutral massage oil - Fluid and slippery texture ideal for massage – All skin types - Allergen-free – Neutral smell – Vegan

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