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Colloidal Silver 20ppm

Colloidal Silver 20ppm

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Details :

Source of silver, a trace element.

Tones – Hydrates – Strengthens

Incomparable purity:

A highly effective antiseptic, for everyone and throughout the house.

Known since Antiquity for its remarkable anti-infective properties, colloidal silver was widely used until the discovery of modern antibiotics. Abandoned for a time, it has recently come back in force, acclaimed as a natural solution.

Only ultra-pure water and a suspension of silver ions:

  • Ultra-pure water , of European Pharmacopoeia quality, obtained through a long and complex purification system (filtration, absorption by activated carbon filter, demineralization, double reverse osmosis, ultraviolet oxidation), an essential condition for the electrolysis which follows is optimal.
  • A cascading dynamization to increase energy and strengthen its action.



Materials / ingredients

Ingredients (per 5ml):

Silver (colloidal silver) 100 mcg.

Non-medicinal ingredients: purified water.


100% natural:

Without any preservatives, additives, chemical compounds of silver, mechanically manufactured particles or particles resulting from nanotechnology, dyes, chlorides, nitrates or other toxic products.

The high purity of BIOFLORAL colloidal silverallows the ions to remain active over time. This is the guarantee of perfect bioavailability, optimal efficacy, and no side effects. The transparent tint of our product is the sign of pure colloidal silver.

Bottle approved by Ecocert, guaranteed without bisphenols, without heavy metals, without phthalates.


Multiple daily uses*:

For skin and oral hygiene:

  • Refreshes, hydrates**, purifies and tones the skin
  • Soothes and reduces redness caused by dryness
  • Stimulates wound healing
  • Clarifies the complexion
  • Sanitizes the oral cavity

Particularly recommended for skin conditions: acne, eczema, rosacea, fungal infections, wounds, fungi, warts, redness, burns and those of the mouth (abscess, mouth ulcers, inflammation of the oral cavity, etc.). *External use only | **Upper layers of the epidermis.

For green plants and the garden:Dilute in watering plants to fight against fungi, bacteria and plant viruses.

For home maintenance:As a spray, to sanitize and disinfect work surfaces, bathroom surfaces, door handles, objects, toys, etc.



Precautions and Warnings:

Consult a health care practitioner if symptoms persist or worsen. Consult a health care practitioner prior to use if you have a liver or kidney disorder. Overuse can decrease selenium levels. Keep out of reach of children.


Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Known side effects:

Silver accumulation, resulting from excess absorption over a long period of time, can cause argyria, a blue discoloration of the skin due to the deposition of silver granules in connective tissues. This condition persists indefinitely or goes away very slowly.

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