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Green clay in paste - Ready to use

Green clay in paste - Ready to use

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Green clay in paste - Ready to use

Ready to use for plaster and poultice
Soothes and relieves

150g | 400g

Ready-to-use tube clay combines all the benefits of this natural earth in an ultra practical format, easy to take with you wherever you go. Our range of clay paste is 100% natural, made from quality clay and sun-dried in the purest respect for tradition in order to preserve all its active ingredients. Since 1953, we have put all our know-how at the service of your skin through a range of clay pastes with invaluable virtues. We have selected ready-to-use clay treatments just for you, which do not require any prior preparation and which will take care of your skin in no time.

Exceptionally rich in rare minerals useful to your body and rigorously selected, this illite green clay paste adapts to all your applications. Thanks to its incomparable quality and its authentic advantages, it brings you incredible comfort.

Materials / ingredients

Illite green clay, aqua.


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Dimensions / weight

150g or 400g

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