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Superfine powdered green clay

Superfine powdered green clay

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Superfine powdered green clay

For all applications
Absorbent, purifying and naturally rich in minerals

300g or 1k

Rigorously selected, 100% natural, sun-dried, subjected to numerous controls, Argiletz superfine GREEN clay, exceptionally rich in minerals useful to the body, is a fine clay powder of around 60 microns.

Fine, it is often used for small plasters, for applications on the body and hair or for the bath.

Softening, purifying and healing, naturally rich in mineral salts, clays are used in masks and poultices for their benefits on the skin, pure or in synergy with essential oils. They are also used diluted in a bath to soften your epidermis and refine your skin texture.

Clay is a natural, healthy, rich mineral material, which makes it ideal for taking care of your skin, your body, your hair and even your home!

Whether it is powdered clay or crushed clay , it provides you with invaluable benefits.

Materials / ingredients

Green illite clay.


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Dimensions / weight

300g or 1kg

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