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Bubble | Diffusion dry, waterless and easy to use

Bubble | Diffusion dry, waterless and easy to use

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Dry diffusion of essential oils – Nebulization – Wood and glass

Bulle is a diffuser of pure essential oils, without water and easy to use. Be seduced by its design and its effect of mist and light!

Dry diffusion of essential oils – Nebulization – Wood and glass – Mist and light effect

Personalize your living spaces and create your favorite olfactory atmosphere thanks to the diffusion of essential oils.

In noble wood and glass materials, the diffuser Bubble is an easy-to-use waterless pure essential oil diffuser; while returning to traditional broadcasting, the broadcaster Bubble is a beautiful design object with a surprising effect of mist and light!

This beautiful exclusive quality diffuser will seduce you and will find a place of choice in your living spaces, at home or in the office.

Always choose essential oils of HECT quality: discover the unique blends for diffusers 100% organic* and natural essential oils from Pranarôm.

Dry diffusion in a nutshell:

  • Cold diffusion process supported by purists
  • Use of pure essential oils
  • Preserves all HE assets
  • Olfactory power +++
  • Suitable for large spaces

Diffusion mixture for Pranarom diffuser:

To avoid having to resort to complicated mixtures or imprecise dosages, Pranarom offers aromatic synergies composed of 100% ready-to-use essential oils!

Materials / ingredients

N / A


Caractéristiques :

  • En matériaux nobles bois et verre.
  • Lumière d’ambiance LED.
  • Cycle : marche 2 minutes – arrêt 1 minute.
  • Arrêt automatique de la diffusion après 2 heures.
  • Dimensions : 14 x 14 x 12 cms.






Dimensions / weight

14 x 14 x 12cm

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