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Diffusion box – Energy – Blend of essential oils

Diffusion box – Energy – Blend of essential oils

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Diffusion box – Energy

Tonic zest – Strength & Vitality – Eucaly’Pur

3 x 10ml | Biological


DIFFUSABLES – Broadcast box

From the richness and subtlety of new complex and unique aromatic notes, the “Les Diffusables” range was born. Ideal for creating an olfactory paradise thanks to 100% chemotyped, natural and certified organic EOs.

The “Ambiance” box contains:

TONIC ZEST – Sparkling tangy fragrance

STRENGTH AND VITALITY – Invigorating energy

EUCALY'PUR – Airy and green freshness

Materials / ingredients

TONIC ZEST – Sparkling tangy fragrance

100% organic essential oils*: Lemon tree*, Bergamot*, Lime-lime*, Petitgrain bigarade*, Sweet orange*, Spearmint*, Star anise*.

STRENGTH AND VITALITY – Invigorating energy

100% organic essential oils*: Maritime pine*, Eucalyptus globulus*, Menthol eucalyptus*, Spearmint*, Sweet orange*, Ravintsara*, Mandravasarotra*.

EUCALY'PUR – Airy and green freshness

100% organic essential oils*: Atlas cedar*, Menthol eucalyptus*, Eucalyptus smithii*, Globe eucalyptus*, Scots pine*, Field mint*, Peppermint*, Shelled marjoram*, Vetiver*.


*Product certified in accordance with ECOGARANTIE® specifications (Certisys Control)


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Dimensions / weight

3 X 10ml

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