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Textilit green clay sheets - Ready to use

Textilit green clay sheets - Ready to use

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Textilit green clay sheets

Innovative and practical pre-cut format
100% environmentally friendly - biodegradable

Package of 6 sheets

Our booklet of pre-cut sheets allows you to apply the clay strips to all areas of the body.

How it works?

Thanks to our patented technology, we manage to impregnate a thin layer of very finely ground clay on a strip of 100% vegetable and 100% recyclable cellulose. It is this innovation that allows our bands to be effective, even with a very thin layer of clay.

Did you know? It is not the thickness of the clay layer that makes it effective, but the treatment and the support of it.

Putting a thick layer of paste clay just keeps the poultice moist for a while.

Materials / ingredients

100% Textilit® natural green clay.
Support: 100% cellulosic (vegetable).


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Precautions for use:

Keep out of the reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not swallow. Do not let the clay dry out during application.

Dimensions / weight

Package of 6 sheets
20g - 0.70oz

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