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HECT Chemotyped essential oils and their synergies

HECT Chemotyped essential oils and their synergies

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HECT Chemotyped essential oils and their synergies
Dr. Zhiri, D. Baudoux and ML Breda
Amyris edition, 98 pages
ISBN: 9782875521026


Pranarom book Chemotyped Essential Oils by D.Baudoux and ML Breda is a book that will provide you with the keys to greatly facilitated health management thanks to the best essential oils, the quality of which will be the sole guarantee of the result obtained.

Description Book New Edition Chemotyped Essential Oils

This book is written by Dominique Baudoux, pharmacist-aromatologist and ML Breda, scientist and pharmacy advisor.

Dominique Baudoux, pharmacist and passionate about essential oils, puts his skills and experience at the service of his favorite fields, all related to the relationship between man and nature. Coming from a family of pharmacists from father to son, he was imbued with this spirit where the deep and rational knowledge of phyto-aromatic remedies is associated with advice based on a global approach to being vis-à-vis health. a pathology. Director of an aromatherapy company, he teaches this discipline in Europe, Quebec, Japan and Taiwan on behalf of several naturopathic schools.

Scientist and pharmacy advisor, ML Breda knows how to offer the consumer the best recipes to soothe the little daily "bobos".

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