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Hiko | Ultrasonic diffuser

Hiko | Ultrasonic diffuser

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Hiko is a high quality ultrasonic essential oil diffuser? technological.

Live the pure and natural experience of hydro-diffusion and micro-nebulization of essential oils! By combining the effect of ultrasonic waves on a solution made of water and essential oils, these are dispersed into millions of micro-particles in the form of an aromatic mist which makes it possible to optimize the virtues of the oils for health and well-being.

Thanks to these ultrasonic diffusers, you can take advantage of three important functions: you purify the air, you slightly humidify the atmosphere and you subtly enhance the olfactory environment of your living spaces.

These devices are suitable for use in any living room, conference rooms, locker rooms, hotels, hospitals, beauty and aesthetics salons, SPA's, etc...

Hiko is an ultrasonic essential oil diffuser of high technological quality. Under the effect of ultrasonic vibrations, the essential oils suspended in the water are dispersed into microparticles in the form of an aromatic mist.

Hiko evokes the return to nature: designed in noble materials (glass and wood). Its natural drop shape evokes the element "water". The Hiko diffuser symbolizes harmony and balance between man and nature.

Diffusion mixture for Pranar0m diffuser:

To avoid having to resort to complicated mixtures or imprecise dosages, Pranarom offers aromatic synergies composed of 100% ready-to-use essential oils!

Materials / ingredients

Glass and noble wood


  • Contemporary design.
  • Lower part in wood with the water tank.
  • Glass lid with aroma mist outlet.
  • Safe and quiet.
  • Works on mains electricity.
  • Automatic or manual shutdown.
  • Air humidifier.
  • White LED mood light.
  • Easy to maintain and use.
  • Broadcast functions: continuous in 6 hours, 1 hour, 2 hours or 3 hours.
  • Carefully read the instructions for the device before use.


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Dimensions / weight

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