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Essential Oil on all floors

Essential Oil on all floors

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A place for every oil is every oil in its place!

Author: Dominique Baudoux
Pages: 168
artwork : In color
EAN: 9782930543130
Publisher: Soliflor
Language: : French

How to navigate the panoply of essential oils? There are so many! Dominique Baudoux offers us a colorful tour of the owner. Each room in the house has its own oil! An original way to present the main essential oils in their concrete use. With this guide, you'll have the HE you need at your fingertips, wherever you are: the anti-wrinkle special in the bathroom, the aromatics in the kitchen, the cough and mosquito repellent potions on the bedside table, the moth oil in the cupboard, etc.

Dominique Baudoux

Dominique Baudoux is a pharmacist passionate about health and well-being. A world-renowned aromatherapy professor, he teaches the curative and preventive power of essential oils in a college that bears his name and trains both health professionals and those interested in risk-free self-medication. The author of this book is also the founder and boss of the Pranarôm company, world leader in the production of essential oils.

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