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Mini-Guide – Olfactotherapy

Mini-Guide – Olfactotherapy

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Amyris Editions
EAN: 978-2-8755-2132-3

Better manage stress and emotions with essential oils

Dominique Baudoux, Belgian pharmacist, aromatologist, founder of a prestigious market-leading scientific aromatherapy laboratory, author of numerous reference books and teacher of this innovative aromatic approach, has built up a very broad expertise and experience on the properties
preventive and curative chemotyped essential oils.

In a civilization dedicated to acceleration and pressure from all sides, the quest for balance and harmony and the management of the emotions that underlie it becomes very complicated. Starting from the observation that before any declaration or manifestation of symptoms and illnesses there is often nervous suffering, emotional shock or affective disturbance, the management of moral suffering deserves an interest and support to the height personal and societal issues that underlie it.

Smell is the only sense that can reproduce with such accuracy a memory or an emotion felt years before, as Proust so rightly evoked with his Madeleine. And for good reason, it is the only sense that does not pass through the mental interpretation filter by directly affecting the limbic brain, the seat of emotions. The opportunity to get in touch with our famous unconscious still very mysterious.

Olfaction, like aromatherapy in general, is a growing science and many studies are proving very promising and exciting.
We cannot live without breathing, and breathing involves absorbing ambient odors. So it's time to take full measure of it and choose what we want to feel and feel or what we decide to avoid.

  • Olfactotherapy
  • Olfactotherapy methods
  • How to choose your essential oil?
  • Yuzu
  • Rosewood
  • true lavender
  • Noble or Roman chamomile
  • Grapefruit
  • lemon verbena
  • Mandarin
  • Marjoram with shells
  • Petit grain bigarade
  • Receipts

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