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Cleansing Foam

Cleansing Foam

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Proudly made right here in Canada, Beeseal is 100% organic and even weather resistant.

This conditioner protects from our climate. Beeseal rehydrates the leather and brings it back to its natural luster. This unique blend of beeswax and natural oils with various uses will work wonders on all your items. This includes leather apparel, footwear, jackets, belts, wood finishes, upholstery, gloves, equestrian and horse care uses, leather interiors, motorcycling, even natural mosquito repellent and effective for the fly without forgetting plastic and vinyl.

Beeseal helps protect against water, prevent stains and inhibit mildew the natural way while letting your leather breathe.

Unlike many other leather conditioning products, we use no petroleum products or animal fats - all of the ingredients we use in our product are 100% natural and plant-based.

For what? Because we believe that a quality leather conditioner should only contain ingredients that are good enough to apply to our own skin. It's so simple.

Available in 3 sizes: 75g (2.75oz), 150g (5.5oz) or 1kg (35oz)

Materials / ingredients

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  • Les agents nettoyants de cette formule exclusive sont issus de tensioactifs anioniques écologiques. Ensuite, aucune classification de dangerosité n'est à prévoir.
  • Permet la livraison par avion sans procédure particulière ni déclaration de produit dangereux ni contrainte particulière.
  • Universel : Cuir lisse, Daim, Nappa, Nubuck, tous textiles, microfibres, stretch, crêpe, etc.




You can apply Beeseal in two ways: with your hands or with a sponge. Always do a test* on an inconspicuous part of your leather before full application.

1. Make sure you apply Beeseal to dry, dirt-free leather.

2. Melt a small amount of Beeseal in your hands.

3. Apply in a circular motion to your garment or leather accessory with your fingers, a soft cloth or a sponge. Favor a thin layer application so as not to darken the color of the leather.

4. Remove excess by rubbing lightly with a clean, dry cloth.

To maintain the natural suppleness of leather, keep your products away from heat sources.

* Dark leather is well hydrated leather. Like any product applied to leather, Beeseal may slightly darken the tone of your leather. We recommend doing a test on a non-visible piece of leather.


  • Il est important de faire un test au préalable sur une partie cachée.
  • La formule naturelle et non agressive du FOAM CLEANER préservera la douceur et le toucher d'origine de votre article.
  • Lors de l'application du FOAM CLEANER, il est nécessaire d'utiliser la BROSSE MOYENNE EN CRIN DE CHEVAL Saphir Médaille D'or Réf.2647, en prenant bien soin de la propreté des poils lors de chaque nouvelle application, afin de ne pas salir le support avec une brosse sale.
  • Vous pouvez ensuite appliquer les produits de la gamme Saphir Médaille D'or et utiliser le PROTECTEUR Réf.1735 pour le protéger de l'exposition future à l'eau, aux taches, à la boue, à la poussière, etc.

Dimensions / weight

75g / 2.75oz
150g / 5.5oz
1kg / 35oz

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