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Pierre d'Argiletz

Pierre d'Argiletz

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Pierre d'Argiletz

Cleans – polishes – protects
Natural cleanliness


Details :

Pierre d'Argiletz is “THE” 100% clean and effective product for cleaning your home. Totally natural and without any chemicals, this clay stone puts all the benefits of clay to the service of maintaining your interior. To make your house shine from floor to ceiling, we have the solution!

White clay and green clay stone soap produce a double action degreasing . The abrasive action (but without scratching) of white clay will also work on burned fat.

The white clay will come polish the imperfections of a surface, without scratching it. The Pierre d'Argiletz is composed of vegetable oil which allows the clay to “slide” on the surface and thus not scratch it. This therefore allows it to be used on surfaces such as ceramic hobs.

The components of the Argiletz Stone are very little aggressive for surfaces. Your surfaces will thus be less “attacked” than with traditional products.

After using your Pierre d'Argiletz, you can polish your surface with a soft or microfiber cloth. This way, you will protect your surface with an invisible film. The vegetable oil contained in the product will stretch over your surface when you polish it.

This film is not greasy and protects surfaces, among other things from the reappearance of limescale thanks to the beading effect of water that this film gives it.

This is also why you should use your product cold water so as not to dissolve your vegetable oil before application. Buffing will make your surface “shine” as if it were new.

Materials / ingredients

Its composition:

30% and more: clayey soil, water.
5% to 15%: soap flakes, green soap.
Less than 5%: plant-based fat and glycerin, lemon flavor (Citronellol and Limonene).

Without added phosphates.


Benefits of Argiletz Stone

+ 100% natural cleaner
+ Fully biodegradable
+ Natural degreaser
+ Polished without scratching
+ Protects and shines
+ Lemon scent
+ Without added phosphates


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