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Immunity + - Aromavita 93

Immunity + - Aromavita 93

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Used in aromatherapy to help relieve colds and coughs.
Tea Tree is used topically in aromatherapy as an antimicrobial.
100% pure and natural chemotyped essential oil complexes



Immunity represents all the metabolisms, structures or figured elements which allow the body to protect itself or defend itself against any exogenous attack by foreign bodies (microbes or various inert particles such as metal dust, wood, etc. .).

Essential oils have little effect on what is called non-specific immunity, namely the first line of cellular defense (white blood cells). On the other hand, it has been demonstrated that many aromatic molecules can control, balance or stimulate the production of immunoglobulins, which are the precursors of the specific immune defense that are antibodies.

Two particular types of immunoglobulins are associated with mucous membranes in general: IgA and IgM. These two categories of immunoglobulins (also called “gamma-globulins”) see their synthesis stimulated by most monoterpene alcohols. The best of them are alpha-terpineol and terpinene-1,4-ol, the majority constituents of ravintsara essential oil, but also of tea tree. These are therefore two of the most immunostimulating essential oils. Another terpene alcohol is very focused on immune stimulation and tonic action in general: geraniol, constituting more than 80% of palmarosa essential oil.

We said above that the control of immunity is a complex phenomenon, because it is closely linked to two other phenomena: infection and inflammation. Together, they form a triangle within which each element interacts with the other two. Thus, controlling an infectious focus will limit then cancel the growth of the inflammatory edema and automatically calm the severity of the immune reaction.

Within AROMAVITA 93, one oil is particularly associated with the regulation of the immune reaction: savory leaf thyme and in particular its main molecule, borneol. This molecule can both stimulate or slow down the synthesis of antibodies depending on the two other parameters, because borneol is also an excellent anti-infective and a very honest anti-inflammatory.

In conclusion, AROMAVITA 93 is the perfect formula to stimulate immunity when necessary, but also to participate in the direct and indirect fight against infection and inflammation and, therefore, better control the level/acuity of the body's defense reaction.

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Materials / ingredients

Cinnamomum camphora* (Camphor) (CT cineole) (leaf) 60%, Melaleuca alternifolia (Tea essential oil of tea tree) (leaf) 15%, Thymus satureioides (Moroccan thyme) 10%. Non-medicinal ingredients: Palmarosa essential oil. *Ravintsara


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Precautions and Warnings:

  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • In case of accidental ingestion, seek emergency medical attention or call a Poison Control Center.
  • If symptoms persist or worsen, consult a health care practitioner.
  • If you suffer from epilepsy or asthma, consult a health care practitioner prior to use.
  • Avoid exposing treated areas to the sun.
  • Do not expose the treated areas to the sun for 24 to 48 hours after application for AROMAVITA 8, 13, 16, 49, 82, 95, 101.
  • A skin test is recommended for sensitive skin.


  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, do not use this product.
  • If the skin is damaged, irritated or sensitive, do not use this product.

Known adverse reactions:

  • If nausea, dizziness, headache, allergic reaction occur, discontinue use.

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