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Do It Yourself with essential oils

Do It Yourself with essential oils

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Do it youself (DIY) with essential oils – Practical guide to achieve my synergies
80 pages – Amyris Edition
EAN 978-2-8755-2165-1

DIY with essential oils

A close friend recently told you about aromatherapy and his latest recipe found on the internet to make your own personalized treatment with essential oils.

What is it really about?

How do I know which essential oils can be mixed? Is it possible to make your own mixtures at home? How can you be sure that the mixture produced is safe? For what uses can I make DIY synergies?

By the way, what does “synergy” mean and why mix essential oils together?

The objective of this guide is to give you the keys to make your own DIY personalized skincare products based on essential oils and vegetable oils. Beginner or already expert in aromatherapy, find many tips and tricks and more than 75 synergies that meet the needs of your whole family.

Synergies in health, well-being or rather skin care… essential oils naturally take care of you and your loved ones. Discover their use in complete safety and share your knowledge to benefit those around you.

This booklet has no intention of replacing any medical act that is always essential for establishing a credible diagnosis. The author and the publisher disclaim all responsibility for any misuse that may have been made of them.

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