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White clay mask - ready to use

White clay mask - ready to use

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Ready-to-use white clay mask

Relaxing effect
Face mask for dull skin

15ml | 30g | 100g

The secret to healthy, healthy and fresh skin for a glowing complexion?

A clay face mask! A true beauty ally, the face mask is today much more than a simple treatment: it is a special moment to take care of yourself, and a welcome moment of relaxation in our sometimes overloaded daily lives.

Our skin is put to the test every day and undergoes aggressions
outdoor conditions: pollution, dust, sun, use of cosmetics
with a dubious composition… These aggressions damage our skin which little by little
"suffocates" and loses its shine.

Totally neutral, WHITE clay respects all skin types .

A true source of well-being for your face, this WHITE clay mask envelops your skin in sublime softness and leaves it rested, naturally radiant with life.

Materials / ingredients

White clay (kaolin), aqua.


  • 30 g masks = 2-3 uses
  • 100 g masks = 8 to 10 uses


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Dimensions / weight

15ml - 0.51oz| 30g - 1.1oz | 100g - 3.53oz

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