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No. 38 Willow (Willow)

No. 38 Willow (Willow)

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Details :

Organic Flower Essence Remedy



I am bitter, dissatisfied with my life and convinced that it is the fault of others. I only see the negative sides of my existence and I constantly complain.

Group 6 according to Dr. Bach: discouragement, despair.

Negative state: bitterness, susceptibility, self-pity, feeling of injustice and dissatisfaction.

Positive state: positive and responsible attitude, relaxation, joie de vivre.

Production according to the original method of Dr. Bach

Faithful to the recommendations of Dr. Bach, BIOFLORAL prepares in the respect of the nature and the spirit of Dr. Bach its floral elixirs by strictly respecting the original method of Doctor Bach.

They are made from wildflowers, picked in the morning at sunrise when their potential is at its peak. Under the action of the sun's rays and water, the flower releases its qualities and transmits them to the aquatic element.

To preserve all the virtues of the flower, the floral maceration is added with organic cognac* DEMETER** in a 1/ 240th dilution, in the purest respect of the original method created by Dr. Bach.

Before conditioning, the floral elixir is revitalized to reinforce its energy action and thus guarantee you maximum efficiency.



Biofloral complex which contains Willow (Willow)

Materials / ingredients

Salix vitellina* (willow catkins) 16.67 mcg

Non-medicinal ingredients: Cognac** 67.4% (40% alcohol), water.

This product is prepared from organic flower essence diluted 1/240 in a mixture of cognac and water.

*Ingredients from organic farming.
**Ingredients from biodynamic and organic farming.
Demeter is the brand of certified biodynamic agriculture.







Précautions et mises en garde :

Consulter un praticien de soins de santé si les symptômes persistent ou s’aggravent et avant d’en faire l’usage si vous êtes enceinte ou allaitez. Ne pas utiliser si le sceau de sécurité est brisé.

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