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Rose Otto – Hydrosol - ORGANIC

Rose Otto – Hydrosol - ORGANIC

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Details :

100% fresh vegetable hydrosol and nothing else!

120ml | Biological

What is a hydrosol?

A real aromatic hydrosol contains the active properties of pure plant essences, suspended in H 2 O, by steam distillation. Hydrolats provide hydration and toning of botanical origin with healing properties for the face, skin and hair.

THE Pranarom hydrosols are microfiltered and UV filtered for extended shelf life. Due to their delicate nature, please store them in a cool, dry place, hydrosols should not be stored in the refrigerator. They prefer a cool, stable environment and fluctuating temperatures disturb them. If you refrigerate yours or if they are exposed to extreme temperatures, bring your hydrosols to room temperature gradually and gently.

Hydrosols are the water by-product harvested during the distillation of essential oils. Each essential oil creates a hydrosol. That hydrosols are a compound of water with added essential oils is a myth, they have different properties than their essential oil counterparts.

Hydrosols moisturize, tone and refresh the skin naturally, frequently used in facial lotion to tone, balance the complexion and refresh the skin on hot days or during hot flashes; especially if they have been stored in the fridge! You can also use it to treat your hair. Hydrosols are extremely gentle, so safe for pregnant women, children and pets.

A hydrosol is a great base for making your own spray blends for: bedroom, bathroom, car, laundry water, yoga mat cleaner, sunscreen, aftershave, insect repellent and the list goes on and on. .

Materials / ingredients

Rosa damask flower water* 100%

*Certified organic by Ecocert ICO




Propriétés :

L’hydrolat de Rose Otto/Rose de Damas, est un excellent tonique pour tous les types de peau et il aide à en rééquilibrer le pH après le nettoyage et avant l’hydratation.

Grâce à ses bienfaits hydratants pour les peaux matures et abîmées par le soleil, Rose Otto favorise également l’équilibre émotionnel et une réponse saine au stress.

C’est un aphrodisiaque classique ainsi qu’un ingrédient utilisé depuis plus de mille ans dans les produits de soins de la peau de haute qualité et dans la cuisine du Moyen-Orient.

Peau : Normale | Sujette aux imperfections | Sensible | Mature | Grasse ou mixte




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